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Amazon Living wall panels are the quickest and easiest installation system on the Irish market for vertical gardens. The panels, available pre-cultivated in our own nursery, are easy to install on any indoor or outdoor wall and provide an instant Living wall or vertical planting with stunning green appearance. Even slightly curved surfaces are no obstacle thanks to the use of lightweight materials in combination with a special design 






The panels are made from patented soil-less material that creates a perfect synthetic vertical growing medium. Any plants or herbs can be selected for pre-cultivation. Walls can be designed with the assistance of our in-house Designers and Horticulturists and their expert knowledge. Interior Walls for Office or Home also Designed with specially adapted air filters.






The panels are planted with a variety of plant species to suit the climate as well as the specific situation of your wall, thus ensuring that your living wall truly does thrive. Whether in sun or shade, indoors or outdoors, our reference projects throughout Ireland Amazon Flexipanels grow literally everywhere!


The panels are quick and easy to install...



Panels can be planted around pre existing items on wall such as water features or hanging baskets. The panels are secured with frame fixers and 300mm stainless steel washers. Any wall can be fitted with panels as the flexible design assures a sound fixture. Panels can also be removed if required with little or no damage to surface of walls. 






Irrigation is fitted through the top of the panels and can be connected to an automatic timer with feeding system to keep your wall looking premium throughout the year. Plant replacement is quick and easy thanks to the soil-less medium panels.


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